It’s a place that’s not here and it’s not there. It’s a place of nothing and of everything. It’s a place people go when they are not dead but they are not alive. It’s a place I’ve been to only a few times. This is something that is new to me as I’ve never been…
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won't last


As I said in the first blog, months have passed since I began writing these series of blogs. When I first started, I couldn’t write the Betrayal blog. I sincerely tried but it gave me a huge helping of PTSD. It actually set me back in my healing process. I’m also acutely aware that our story…
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We sat on the couch holding hands. Our daughter was taking a much needed nap. We were both emotionally spent but there was work to be done. Together, we were discussing how we wanted to move forward. He had made it very clear he wanted to remain by my side. He said he couldn’t bear…
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Prior to all of this happening, I had made plans with my niece, Michele, who is my twin-from-a-past-life. She was born when I was six so she is much more like a sister than a niece. She recently moved to Fargo and we were to have a much anticipated Girl’s Night out. All day long…
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We were spending the night in a hotel room having had a swim party for our recently turned four year old. The wine and beer flowed freely as did the conversations. The little girl’s laughter was frequent and sugar fueled. My husband was mastering the claw machine and all the littlies were delighted to receive…
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