Channeled Message 7.6.13

The Guys asked me to transcribe a channeled message. As many of you know, they are very esoteric in their messages but I trust the person or persons this channeled blog is meant for will understand.

“Open your eyes. Do you not see the splendor that has been created by you and for you? Do you not see the glorious way the Universe harmonizes with you and your needs? Some of you keep your eyes so tightly closed that we cannot pry them open, therefore, there is no way even an ounce of light can get through.

We say you are living blind when you do not see the splendors that are at your disposal. These splendors may include human gifts but not necessarily. These splendors may be a spiritual gift or even the gift of enlightenment. These gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are even disguised as doom and gloom.

We tell you true, as soon as August hits, things will become very busy on your planet. Stones that have been thrown will land. Ideas that have been formulating will take flight. Gifts that have been simmering will flare up. Yes, little ones, August will be a very busy month for many of you. 

Some of you will be returning to school, some of you will be leaving home and some of you will be returning home. All is good and all is right, just as it should be.

We hear so many of you cry that you feel you are not on the right path. We guffaw (really, Guys? Guffaw?!) at this as you are all on the right path. It is not for you to judge when you think you have shied away from your true purpose. It is not for you to judge others, either. We have told you before that nothing is random and yet a few of you reading this believe things ARE random. We ask, “How can that be?”  How can that be when there are so many intricate factors that go into making the blinking of an eyelash happen? These factors go beyond you mere humans capability to understand.

And then there are those of you who refuse to open your eyes and see your life for what it is. You wish your life away. You sit and complain to anyone who will listen (except yourself, yourself is tired of listening) but yet you do nothing about it. Not one step. You look to others for advice, external and internal help, but they can only provide you clues and help you seek a balance. You must do the leg work. You must get your hands dirty. You must move forward. Do not rely on any other human to ‘get you there’ for you must ‘get there’ on your own.

We will leave you now as this One has told us she doesn’t want to type a novel and we understand her well. She knows us. She IS us. But then again, you are us as well. Now we will leave you stewing about that. We hope it will get your mind moving in another direction besides the darkness you tend to ruminate upon.

Open your eyes. See what must be seen and move forward.  We implore you. MOVE FORWARD.”

2 Responses

  1. michele

    This blog may have affected more than you know. Including myself, but you already knew that. Thanks for the message. Opened my eyes and also brought tears to them. Thank you

  2. lyn

    This message is so right! Nothing is random and I see that more and more. Now instead of ‘oh!” I say, Oh yeah!~ Looking forward to the shift in August…
    Thanks for your kindness in sharing!! : )

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